Douglas McLeod, dmf flowers, Toronto
Whether your wedding is an intimate gathering or you are filling a ballroom, DMF Flowers,Toronto, elevates each setting to heighten your wedding day experience. Beginning with personal consultations with the DMF team to the last dance of the evening, DMF Flowers is your creative partner.
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There is nothing more irresistible than a bouquet of beautiful flowers, just because. Imported flowers and the creative design techniques of Douglas McLeod create fabulous arrangements to brighten a room or enhance a table. DMF delivers anywhere in Toronto or the world, so send a bouquet of joy to someone special in your life, or a bouquet just for you!    

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Product launches, gallery openings, important board meetings….DMF Flowers’ altruistic approach means that flowers are never isolated from their intended setting but instead enhance their environment and the personality of our clients. Consultations and site visits are the first steps for DMF Flowers in helping your special event come to life.

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There is no better time to treat yourself with flowers than the holiday time. In addition to sending gifts of flowers to those you love or your favorite clients, no one is more deserving than yourself. Flowers enhance your tabletops, mantles and your outdoor space too. Indulge and leave it to the experts at DMF Flowers.

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Sometimes fresh flowers are not what’s called for. DMF Flowers fools even the trained eye with their ‘everlasting’ arrangements. Disappear for a month and return home to find your flowers looking as fresh as when you left them…no need for the watering can either!
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